Working Group

In order to ensure the success of the SDG Center, collaboration is required between individuals from different backgrounds and expertise. For that, 17 working groups will come together with each working group focusing on a single SDG. By having a separate working group dedicated to each of the 17 SDGs, the SDG Center will be able to effectively study and advance the 2030 SDG Agenda in Lebanon.

    Each working group will be comprised of six individuals:

  • Two representatives delegated by the council member

  • Two representatives will be participants of Global Compact Network Lebanon

  • Two representatives will be assigned by the Secretariat of the GCNL

  • Representatives from the public sector


The Council is governed by the Board of Directors, which in this case, is referred to as SDG Council. The Director General of the Council is reporting to this body. The Board of Directors comprises of high profile public personalities, business leaders and renowned civil society activists.

Council Members

Advisory Members