The Olayan School of Business (OSB) has served as the focal point for Global Compact Network Lebanon’s (GCNL) for the past two years, helping build awareness of and engagement with the SDGs in the private sector, and working across sectoral boundaries to mobilize partnerships around successful ventures.  By building the infrastructure for an SDG Center, OSB can leverage the necessary expertise from across AUB boundaries, while enhancing the mobilization of the private sector, civil society, and the public sector to embrace and make progress towards the SDGs.

OSB has successfully hosted a network of over a 100 participants comprising Lebanon’s leading businesses and NGOs working towards the SDGs in Lebanon and is thus well positioned at this point to take the next step to host a full-fledged SDG center that will work to coordinate the necessary research, advocacy, capacity building and partnerships around the SDGs and uniting key players behind a cohesive 2030 Agenda for Lebanon.